Guest Blogger: The Lone Server

Guest Blogger: The Lone Server

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Hi Everyone – I wanted to introduce myself.  The IT Folks who run generally refer to me as the “Lone Server.”  Unfortunately, resemblance of my name to the Lone Ranger's is only coincidental. I’m not fighting crime, unless you count enforcing Group Policy settings.  I don’t have a horse named “Silver” which comes to get me when my hard-drive whirrs.  I don’t even get a mask to wear, unless you count removal of my side access panel as a disguise.  I know, I agree... that’s really pushing it. But throw me a bone here, eh?  




Albeit affectionately stated by those in IT, my name really means “alone Server”.   They call me Lone Server since I’m the only Windows Server 2003 box remaining in the environment.  All the other servers upgraded to Windows Server 2008 pre-release builds.  Even though Windows Server 2008 is not yet final, is running solely on Windows Server 2008 these days.


I try not to be bitter about this, but I have to say, I feel a little singled out.  At first I was in denial about my lack of upgrade.  My counselor says I’m starting to move toward the acceptance stage, but right now, I’m just looking to get past the anger part. I mean, all the fun workloads I used to handle like Web serving moved over to the new operating system and IIS7.  I never thought I’d feel lucky when someone offered to route me a lousy print job, but alas, this is what my existence has come to.


Here's a video of my life today:



Adding insult to injury, the Windows Server 2008 boxes always ask, “want to benchmark against me on key workloads?”  I know they don’t mean any harm, but it’s really depressing. It’s like having Lance Armstrong ask me to race him.  Okay, I guess that’s not a very good analogy because, as a server, I have no bike, nor legs to pedal even if I could borrow a bike.  But the point I’m trying to make is that I simply can’t compete against those Windows Server 2008 boxes.


I know that my turn for an upgrade will come, but for now, I guess I just need to be patient.  On the bright side, it does give me some time to work on my blog entries. I usually write in binary, so now I have an opportunity to tap into my inner Robert Frost.  I’ll keep you updated.



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  • Hi Everyone – I wanted to introduce myself. The IT Folks who run generally refer to me

  • 微软产品从来没有过这么人格化的呈现 ^_^ 被Windows 2008所完全取代的MSCOM最后一台2003服务器,跟酒保(Windows 2000饰)大吐苦水( 视频 )。 这个家伙 在 WinSvr

  • you poor little thing, I will keep my fingers crossed

  • did MS get a "Cease and Desist" from the laywers of the owners of the Long Ranger copyright or something? :)

  • Dear Lone Server:

    I'm writing to wish you an immediate upgrade, and to share my macho-infused anthem for stay-at-home dads (some of your best clients!), titled, "HOUSEHUSBAND MACHO!".  To listen, please visit:

    On your hilarious and informative "" website, the "host" of these videos jokingly maligns the self-esteem of a stay-at-home dad in the family vignette. My song was written as a musical antidote to such old-school attacks on men brave enough, and enlightened enough to UPGRADE themselves to the role of primary at-home parent .... these men (I count myself among them) are truly the Lone Rangers, the REAL heroes in the modern family life arena.

    Perhaps you can adapt my song for promotional use in your campaign to strengthen families worldwide (especially families blessed with a stay-at-home dad) through wider distribution of Windows stay-at-home servers, v. 2008.  

    May the power of the Lone Ranger's thundering steed ("Trigger", or "Silver", can't remember) rock the foundations of those who oppress you, Mr. L.S., and may I paraphrase the L.R. himself by hollering, "HI YO, (lone) SERVER, UPGRAAAADDEEEE!!!!"

    Sincerely, Mike Nobel, songwriter, Gorham, Maine

  • You are such a lamer.  If you wanted to actually run well, you should be running it on Linux.

  • Learn what's life like for the last Windows Server 2003 at here ! You can even add him

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  • Today Windows Server 2008 released to manufacturing and will be available for purchase to new customers