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January, 2008

  • Essential Business Server on the air

    Mid-market IT professionals interested in learning more about the upcoming Essential Business Server solution should tune into this show on BlogTalkRadio . Microsoft's Steve VanRoekel and Arlin Sorensen of Heartland Technology Solutions talk about...
  • HHH Comic Site Goes Live Today!

    We all know that what we do is way cooler than having a real job! Do you think those guys in accounting have their own Comic Series? – HECK NO! The HHH Comic series launches today: Signup for the RSS feed and hang on for the ride!
  • Lone Server: Now I Know Who Is To Blame

    Hey everybody – it’s me again, Lone Server . Thanks for watching my video and sending all of your words of encouragement this past week. I even got an offer to retire at someone’s “beautiful server farm upstate.” Not happening...
  • Virtualized Servers as the Desktop

    Due to the Martin Luther King holiday in the U.S. on Monday, it was a fairly quiet day on the roads and in the office. But there was a flurry of server virtualization news, news and news out of Redmond. Here are the lightlights: Acquisition of Calista Technologies, whose virtual desktop platform improves the remote desktop experience for running 3D graphics and multimedia capabilities to RDP. For one thing, Calista's technology reduces network bandwidth requirements and can accelerate data rates by as much as 20X. For those of you who are fans of Terminal Services, this acquisition will make TS use much better. Neal Margulis, the founder of Calista, posted here about his views on joining Microsoft. Do you want to run Windows Vista on a server? If so, now you can do so at a lower price point. Check out Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop allows you to run Windows in virtual machines on servers and access them from either PCs or thin clients. The annual subscription to Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop is now roughly $23 per desktop for rich clients covered by Software Assurance for Windows Client. If you want to run thin-clients, you can purchase a subscription for an estimated retail price of $110 per desktop. Citrix is developing software that will easily transfer virtual machines between the Xen hypervisor in Citrix XenServer and Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V to ensure greater interoperability. The tool, which is scheduled to be available to beta test in Q2 2008, will transfer all configuration information and driver set of the virtual machines in the Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk image format to run with Hyper-V. From the news release, “XenDesktop, planned for release in second quarter 2008, will support and extend Windows Server 2008 shortly after the availability of Hyper-V” Citrix will extend support for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center in all its virtualization products: XenDesktop, Presentation Server and XenServer. a future version of System Center Virtual Machine Manager will support managing Citrix XenServer, and Citrix plans to integrate Hyper-V with Citrix XenServer. And Microsoft has expanded technical support to running MS Office applications via SoftGrid 4.2 or MS Application Virtualization 4.5. Microsoft application virtualization allows customers to pre-configure applications for offline use on a client PC; so end users can be fully productive on their machine, even when they are offline. Four new Solutions Accelerators will help you assess, plan, deploy and secure MS virtualization products [Hyper-V, SoftGrid, Terminal Services]. They’re available in beta form now, and will be GA at the end of February. All of this news, as well as an email from Bob Muglia and today’s webcast, can be accessed here. Patrick

  • Your new IT Pro Advocate, brought to you by the 2008 Launch Wave

    Hello folks, My name is Justin Graham. My sole lot in life is to make sure IT Professionals have what they need to get a head start on Windows Server 2008. I have no other purpose really, my team is not in the Super Bowl, I work 5.4*10^12 hours per...
  • Guest Blogger: The Lone Server

    Hi Everyone – I wanted to introduce myself. The IT Folks who run generally refer to me as the “ Lone Server .” Unfortunately, resemblance of my name to the Lone Ranger's is only coincidental. I’m not fighting...
  • High Availability - January Marketing Wave

    Building High Availability Infrastructures with Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering Date: Monday January 21, 2008; Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM PST Discover how Failover Clustering with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise enables you to build...
  • Building a host cluster with Hyper-V beta

    Hyper-V is a cluster-aware feature within Windows Server 2008, offering native support for VM high availability. And now that beta 1 is available, you can check it out yourself. So what are the 10 steps you have to go through to build a host cluster using iSCSI shared storage? Read Robert Larson's post. Screen captures included ;-) Patrick