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February, 2007

  • VMyths

    For those of us interested in virtualization, we now have a new definition of white paper, to say the least. It appears the Dan’s pre-VMWorld 2006 blog was good enough to qualify and package as a white paper. Not only did Mike Neil reject VMWare’s claims today, but there have been many questions in the press about the motivation of the white paper. At best, it’s been mixed reviews for the white paper.

  • Where we're headed with virtualization

    Hi, Mike Neil here. It’s been a while since I've posted. To update you, I now oversee the development teams, plans and strategy for our virtualization software - both the desktop and server. In this role, I’m really fortunate in that I get to meet with a broad range of customers and partners. I value these meetings because the discussions and input helps validate my thinking and our planning, and other times it challenges some of my thinking and our planning. I know some of our customers and partners, after reading the Times' article, may wonder about our goals and strategy with respect to virtualization. I shared much of this with the reporter, but invariably the reporter couldn’t print all my comments. But it’s important for customers to understand our broader goals and strategy, and then from there some of the more specific issues. So I wanted to share my thoughts on this.

  • February 2007 CTP of Windows Server "Longhorn" Released

    As a number of sites and blogs have reported, last weekend we posted another Community Technology Preview (CTP) build of WindowsServer “Longhorn” to the Microsoft Connect site for our TechBeta participants. The February 2007 CTP is another...
  • Windows Home Server Beta 2

    Windows Home Server has reached the Beta 2 milestone! While previous releases have been tested by 1000+ Microsoft employees and some of our hardware and software partners, we are now starting to invite a broader group of external testers to participate...
  • VMware IPO

    As today's eWeek article suggests, EMC shareholders [I'm not one of them] were looking for greater returns. EMC's CEO explains more of the thinking with Fortune. Here are some of my initial thoughts on this news: