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October, 2006

  • Linux-Watch: get the facts

    Every now and again I use this blog to correct inaccuracies in the public domain. Mostly errors at media outlets. And usually I wouldn't comment on opinion pieces at Linux-Watch because the rhetorical debate would be fruitless. But one of our pals at Linux-Watch botched some facts while he was predicting doom and gloom for Windows Server, and the article was picked up by reputable media site eWeek. I'm not asking reporters (with editors) to spare the rod. Your critical eye helps us identify areas of improvement. But how about getting the facts right?

  • IIS 6.0 Overtakes Apache in Fortune 1000

    Checking the newswire today, we found a nice press release from Port80 Software , who have been tracking Web server usage among Fortune 1000 companies for the last few years. Their report shows that, for the first time, IIS 6.0 has overtaken Apache...
  • Virtual Hard Disk format becomes open

    Today we announced that that same agreement now aplies to the virtual hard disk (VHD) image format used by Microsoft for encapsulating the OS and app within a virtual machine. Some early coverage has appeared in eWeek and CNET. And Sam posted an audio interview with XenSource's Simon Crosby at Port25.

  • Getting Smart About Smart Cards

    Beta 2 of Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM) went live today, available here . CLM helps lower the costs (and avoid the headaches) of issuing and managing smart cards by providing workflow and policy tools for admins. No custom development required and...
  • HPC Finds a Home on Port25

    Port25, which is a blog for Microsoft's open source software lab, is casting an eye toward high-performance computing. They've tapped the talents and experiences of Frank Chism, a technology specialist by title here as Microsoft. As you can watch/listen to in this interview, Frank has earned his stripes working on HPC systems and clusters.

  • Computerworld blogs about virtualization in Longhorn Server

    My colleague Jim Ni had an email exchange with Robert Mitchell of Computerworld as a follow-up to Rob's informative article last week titled, "The Virtualization Procrastinators." Rob blogged about his exchange with Jim, in which Jim was correcting an inaccuracy about the description of the planned hypervisor in Windows Server Longhorn.