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January, 2006

  • Where's My Longhorn Server?

    Hey there. My name is David Lowe and I'm a senior product manager in the Windows Server group, responsible for marketing and evangelism around Windows Server Code Name "Longhorn". One of the things we get asked a lot is when Longhorn...
  • Watts this? Power improvements for Itanium

    Could performance-per-watt become a selling point for the next-generation Itanium systems? Intel's forthcoming "Montecito" member of the Itanium processor family will consume 100 watts, a significant drop from the 130 watts of current models and an advantage in an era when power consumption is a top enemy. ... The change means Itanium will have about 2.5 times the performance per watt of the current Itanium 2 9M model.

  • Allchin on Vista and Longhorn

    Jim focused on Windows Vista, but did manage to shed this bit of light on Longhorn Server: Longhorn Server is also on track for release some time next year, Allchin said. The product will have a Beta 2 in the first half of the year and a Beta 3 version in the second half.

  • Moving UNIX Units

    As you may know, there are lots of folks in our division that think about Unix. Whether that's Unix interoperability, Unix migration or the Unix roadmap of the system providers. While we rarely discuss Unix in this forum, there were a few items that hit the inbox at once today that happened to catch my eye.

  • A little taste of Longhorn/Vista IPSec capabilities

    Mitch Tulloch has written a great little article on some of the new IPSec capabilities in Vista and Windows Server codenamed "Longhorn": Definitely worth a read. Ward
  • Will Access-Based Enumeration work on Storage Server?

    A question just came in that I had missed over the holidays: Will Accessed Based Enumeration (ABE ) work on Storage Server 2003? You bet! I also want to point out, it is now Storage Server 2003 R2. In case if you didnt hear about the new features...
  • Happy Belated New Year!

    As I am now piling out from my Holiday break emails I have a chance to get back to this beloved blog - and looking back over the entries - what a year it has been with Windows Server. A quick jog down memory lane - last year we saw the release of Windows...