New Windows Server x64/SQL Server 2005 benchmark

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There's a new (June 27) benchmark for SAP-SD, three-tier Internet configuration. See more here:


The benchmark used SQL Server 2005 (64bit) on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition, running on an HP ProLiant DL585 (4-way, SMP, dual core AMD Opteron64), delivering over 18,000 users and avg dialog response time of 1.87 seconds.  This benchmark surpasses IBM's benchmark (IBM eServer p5 using AIX 5.3, DB2, 32-way SMP Power5) from May.



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  • but the ibm has 10 times the number of users and almost 10 times the fully processed lines per hr. what's the bottom line comparison?

  • Hmm, not really!
    Have a closer look at the Power score it doesn't really surpass the may Power P5 model 595 submission. In fact the P5 model 595 presented scales an order of magnitude higher than the HP Proliant DL585.

    Nonetheless, the HP Proliant DL585 beats older submissions from a closer (from a system standpoint) Power machine the P5 model 570 and also an HP Itanium2 machine the HP Integrity Model rx4640.

    Proliant DL585 is a 4 sockets, 8 cores machine.
    eServer P5 model 570 is a 2 sockets, 4 cores machine.
    Integrity model rx4640 is a 4 sockets, 4 cores machine.

    But other system differences render processor, database and OS based comparisons doubtful. The benchmark system architecture itself makes it more divergent from solely system performance (and its underlying software platform).

    If you present these numbers perhaps you could explain SAP benchmark meaning, and give a definition of what are “way”, “socket” and “core”.

    I would only say that the performance of HP Proliant 585, even largely less important than first presented, marks an important milestone: the presence of an x86 system (Processors, memory, disk, OS and database software) at the level of performance (and only performance) of higher-end systems.


  • SAPベンチマーク公開(Windows Server x64/SQL Server 2005)

  • SAPベンチマーク公開(Windows Server x64/SQL Server 2005)