x64 Launch Runs Afoul of the Law

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Managing the rollout of our x64 editions has been an amazing experience—not to mention juggling launch duties with becoming a father of three. I find myself working at the oddest times, and trying to squeeze as much as I can from every spare minute.

Such was the case recently, when I was heading home prior to a conference call with our team in Japan. I was set to arrive around 4:00P, but the call didn’t start until 5:00P.  I knew that if I went straight home I would get nothing done because my kids would jump me. So I pulled over a few blocks before my house and decided to plough through some email. I spent about 15 minutes on some low-hanging fruit, closed up the laptop, and continued on my way.

Later, as I'm on the call with our MSKK office and praying they can't hear my sister, my kids, and my parents all braying about dinner, I hear an unknown male voice telling my wife that with his boots on, he's 6'6". That can mean a lot of things, but after 7 years of marriage, I know that none of them are good. She soon emerges to ask whether I'll be much longer, because the police want to speak with me immediately.

As it turns out, someone spotted me on my laptop and concluded I was hacking into their home PC so I could play Tetris for free or God knows what. She then called her husband who said to unplug the modem, and if that made me leave, then I was guilty and should be arrested. As my luck would have it, I closed my laptop just as she killed her connection, and the chase was on. She gave my license plate number to the police and they sent two squad cars... my kids were crying, neighbors were pouring out of their homes, my mother nearly fainted…it was total chaos.

As if this cake needs any icing, I've got some: the lady who ratted me out is my son’s preschool teacher...


--John Borozan

  • That is a great posting on an impressive subject. Just bought my own 64 bit last week and am looking forward to installing the RTM of W2k3_64.

    Your blog looks nice. Just keep in mind that RSS feeds are used a lot to read blogs. And your feed is really hard to read in RSS.

    Keep up the good work!

  • It is official?

    Are the police arresting people who share someones wireless connection now?!

  • WTF? Weird people. Reminds me of being arrested at university for "hacking into the school server and changing my grades".

    Icing? The person who had actually changed my grades was the professor himself, who simply passed me all my tests during the very first lecture.

  • Hey - Tell us about you rnight in the pound - don't stop there.

  • LOL

  • Pieter,

    Please let me know what the issue is...I would love to fix it for everyone.

  • Ward:

    Look at the HTML in the RSS feed. A lot of that is really unnecessary and may not render correctly in some readers. Just use the basics such as P, A/HREF, PRE, etc. in your posts and all should be well.

    On that note, it seems the site for the blog itself is kinda funky-- instead of having the traditional menu along the left like most .Text blogs (see Raymond Chen's), your menu appears at the bottom, below all the comments (or, on the main page, below all of the showing blog entries). I'd see about getting that fixed up. It'd make the blog easier to navigate.

    Otherwise, cool blog, love the entries so far, keep up the great work guys. =)

  • I bet you are a wonderful Father and probably a great Uncle!