64Bit Database! IBM Announces Trial Software Program for DB2 v8.2.2 Beta for Windows

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Pretty cool stuff!

From the IBM webpage:

DB2 UDB is the world's fastest database with the #1 TPC-C benchmark in the world that delivered performance over 2.7 times faster than the nearest competitor. Moreover, DB2 UDB V8.2 has just published the fastest TPC-C result on 8-way Intel® Itanium® 2 running 64-bit Window Server 2003. DB2's strong performance advantages are reflected across all platforms supported by DB2 UDB.


- Ward Ralston

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  • Of course there's an unwritten rule about database speed (and which is why I believe every company, including Microsoft, refuse to let people publish database benchmarks)...

    Speed is inversely related to integrity & quality.

    Although this isn't absoluetly true, improvements could always be made that do increase database performance without hurting integrity.