Great comment - where do you go for x64 support until the RTM?

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On our last post - we had a comment about the RC2 Build crashing and not knowing where to go for support:

Posted @ 2/25/2005 6:07 PM
On top of that (2 downloads, 2 burns) it crashes on me after install finishes and it reboots. Next, I don't know of a place to report this bug. Great Stuff.

Great Comment - We do have a private newsgroup dedicated for evaluators of our x64 editions where questions just like these can be answered.  The login, password, and instructions on how to access the newsgroup with a newsgroup reader, please click HERE.   Or, if you know what you are doing with a newsgroup reader, just use the following:

NNTP Server:

Newsgroup: microsoft.private.windowsserver_64bit

User name: privatenews\64bit

Password: 64bit

Or, if you are ever away from your newsreader and need to access the newsgroup – we have web-based access to the newsgroup here:


- Ward Ralston


  • Basically the support so far is all about drivers. So, my go to card is the forums for my laptop. We are constantly discussing and updating each other on the new tricks, ini tweaks, and beta drivers that we find.

    This is of course the best way to go.