64-bit Technical Questions and Elvis

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Demorie here…  My car was rear-ended last Friday while sitting at a light outside my office.  This is my first accident (knock on wood) and I was not prepared for the amount of work this entails.  Contact the insurance company; get estimates from the certified auto-body shops, contact the driver that hit me, blah, be blah…not to mention calming my husband down after I explained it to him over the phone. Especially since this is my brand new car!


So, I’ve been dreaming about work lately.  In one dream the other night I was talking with Elvis about my car accident (This dream could have something to do with my husband playing the movie Jailhouse Rock while I slept peacefully through it).  Elvis told me to post my questions about my car accident on the new Windows Server x64 newsgroup.  So with Elvis leaning over my shoulder, I asked all the questions I could think of. 

  • Who do I contact first?  The driver that hit me or their insurance?
  • What are the steps I should take to get reimbursed?
  • Also, Why am I dreaming about 64-bit and Elvis?

Don’t do what I did in my dream and ask about your car.  However, you can address any technical questions you may have about Window Server 2003 x64 Editions.  You can find the new private newsgroup at:


Thank you very much…


  • I don't know about the U.S. but in Australia, my insurance company does everything. I just exchange the name of our insurance companies with the other driver when the accident happens (or afterwards if I forget) and I write down is rego number as well, and tell everything to the insurance company and they do everything for me.

    Usually, I only have to go to one repairer (of my choice) to get a quote. In fact, some repairers are able to do all the contact with your insurance company for you as well, so you don't even need to talk with them! You just take the car in, tell them what happened, and they'll talk to the insurance company to get it all sorted.

    It's always very traumatic when you have an accident, no matter how "minor" it might be. So I like the fact that the repairer will take care of you like that.

    Also there's two main factors that affect your chances of being in an accident (according to my experience anyway). The chance of an accident is inversely proportional to the age of the car, and also to the amount of time since you last had it fixed. So a new car is more likely to be hit, as is a car that's just been fixed up after a previous accident ;)

  • Demorie;

    I had a 6 week old car totaled. I HATE sounding like a money grubbing jerk, BUT you may want to retain a lawyer. I lost roughly $1200.00 because I had to replace my car and in essence the newer model was more money, and you lost money on your car as sson as you pulled off the lot. Your insurance company SHOULD handle all the details, including trying to get your deductible back from the person that hit you. Did you get a police report showing whose fault it was ? And you're correct in saying it ties up your life.

    Good luck !

  • Thanks Dean and Cliff! So nice to get solid advice. :-) And you're both right, it is traumatic. I feel like a two-year old whose just had her favorite toy stomped on! Well, okay maybe not stomped on...

    The part that had me worried the most was I had three co-workers in the car (Ward was one of them). Luckily, everyone is okay! I'll keep you posted.


  • Nice to see you guys blogging. I know my next PC will be a 64 bit desktop, especially with Intel committing to the market fully, but I just hope guys work out the problems that are happening in Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.

    Read Paul Thurrotts latest preview, its surprising to know the amount of applications not working at at all plus hardware.