My friend and colleague, Jason Langridge, is going to be presenting a webcast on Tuesday 13th December on some of the myths that are around about Windows Mobile. I have had a preview of the presentation and there is some great messaging in there that you can pick up and share with your customers. I thoroughly recommend checking this webcast out. Jason has a great presentation style and it is likely to be great fun as well as informative.

Here's the official desctipion:

The term “myth” can be defined as “a widely held but false belief.” This webcast debunks the most common myths about the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. Learn the truth about security, push e-mail, battery life, virus protection, Microsoft Office integration, management, and instant messaging support in Windows Mobile. Find out why Windows Mobile is an excellent platform for the mobile devices in your enterprise.

Presenter: Jason Langridge, Enterprise Mobility Solution Specialist, Microsoft Corporation

Jason Langridge is an enterprise mobility solution specialist in the Devices division at Microsoft, where he is responsible for business development of major enterprise accounts. Jason has been with the company since 1998, working to help enterprises to become more mobile, agile, and flexible so that they can achieve the next level of productivity.

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