It's totally off topic, but I thought this was interesting:

Reading - UK - 20 October 2005 - Microsoft UK and Wembley National Stadium Ltd have today announced that Microsoft has become Wembley Stadium's first Founding Partner.

The 90,000-seat venue will be the biggest and most sophisticated stadium in the world, when it opens next year. As Wembley Stadium's first Founding Partner, Microsoft UK will support the Stadium in its final stage of construction and for the first four years of its operational life.

Nick Barley, Business & Marketing Officer at Microsoft UK, explained:

"Microsoft believes in helping people to achieve their potential. Wembley Stadium plays a unique role in British life it's a national icon that has inspired generation after generation of young people with the dream of playing and performing at Wembley. By becoming Wembley Stadium's first Founding Partner, we are helping to ensure that dream continues."

Now imagine the referee running around the pitch with a little wireless Pocket PC in his to pocket, being able to call up video clips from various angles and photos of incidents.... Now how about tagging the players and using real time tracking to help with off-side decisions... :-)