A week in and I'm loving this phone. The HTC guys have done a stunning job on the design and finish of the unit - it really looks like a well polished product and will stand out from the crowd. Although marginally bigger than my previous SP3 (C500) and SP3i units it's worth in in terms of the keypad which is comfortable and the joystick seems solid so far. The killer feature remains the WiFi inclusion and all of my colleagues in Microsoft have "oohed" and "aahed" when a press the little button on the top right that allow you to quickly enable wireless. It has a good set of config options for WiFi including 802.1x support which means I was finally able (when i found the time) to get this on to our corporate network today with certificates enrolled.

As it comes from iMate, the eTrust client is also installed and downloading the new signatures over WiFi is a breeze. The camera is pretty solid too though if I was being picky I'd say it would benefit from a flash but that's a minor detail on an otherwise excellent unit. The acid test was showing it last night to the MD of Doherty IT Solutions who was very impressed and now has one on order.