There's a superb article on about the Windows Mobile Smartphone trial that UK retailer Marks and Spencer are putting in place. Not sure about the sub-heading though "Mobile email not pants for execs". Check out the article at,39024665,39150773,00.htm

One of the great things about the article is that one of our UK partners, Conchango, is providing a dashboard solution to connect execs on the road to their Key Performance Indicators. More info about the KPI Dashboard (including demos) can be found here:

Seeing real solutions like this really helps to bring home the message about looking at mobility as a platform to build business out on to.

There is also a great quote from Gartner in the article:

Gartner analyst Monica Basso said Microsoft was the most developer-friendly mobile OS. "With other platforms [like BlackBerry], if you want to try application development on them it gets very difficult," she said