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June, 2009

  • HPC Server 2008 MPI Diagnostic Fails on Eager Message No Business Card Error

    An HPC Server 2008 user reported that his cluster was up and running and that all nodes could ping each other over all networks but the built-in MPI diagnostic was failing with an uninformative message "Failed To Run". He had a topology number three...
  • Overview of Charts and Reports in V2

    Recently a customer asked me to create a document to briefly describe the charting and reporting functionality in V2. After completing the document I felt that it would make a good blog posting to share with the HPC community. The document is attached...
  • 2009 Summer Scripting Games

    This might be of interest to HPC PowerShell users. --------------- Joins Forces with Microsoft Scripting Guys to Host 2009 Summer Scripting Games LOS ANGELES – At Microsoft TechEd 2009,
  • MPI Cluster Debugger in Visual Studio2010 Beta1

    If you ever write MPI program in Windows HPC cluster, you should be familiar with MPI Cluster Debugger in Visual Studio2005/2008. Also, you can find much resource online talking about it (such as blog , white paper ). Do you like to debug MPI program...