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February, 2008

  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) + HPC

    You'll want to review a recent MSDN forum entry regarding this feature now available with Windows HPC Server 2008 (currently in beta). Read more here .
  • Getting JOBID in a perl script

    The following article was the closest one I found when looking for scripting for CCS. I was told `new job ..` will return JOBID but not sure in what format!!- it is actually a string of 4 terms. Was not quite apparent from what was there on the example...
  • How to run Linpack on Windows Server 2008

    I've just posted an How to guide explaining how to compute HPL input parameters and run linpack on Windows Server 2008. This guide is also applicable for Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003. The guide is available here and its Excel 2007 workbook companion...