Folder Sharing between Windows 7 and VM

Folder Sharing between Windows 7 and VM

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Virtual PC 2007® SP1 allowed users to share a particular folder with the Virtual Machine (VM). In Windows® Virtual PC, users can enable sharing at drive level only.

Sharing a Folder on Windows 7 Desktop with a VM

To share a particular folder with the VM, follow steps as below

  1. Shutdown or Hibernate the VM (assuming you have Integration features enabled)
  2. Open command prompt on Windows7 host. Let’s say you want to share folder C:\MySharedFolder with the VM.
  3. subst S: C:\MySharedFolder. This subst command will create a virtual drive “S:” which is mapped to C:\MySharedFolder. Make sure the drive letter is free for use.
  4. Open settings for the VM and make sure “S:” is ticked in the drive selection as shown below:

Fig 1

Fig. 1. Sharing a folder on Windows 7 host with a VM using the Setting User Interface

This is all you need to do to share a particular folder between host and VM. To remove the virtual drive use subst S: /d command.

Sending a File from a VM to a Windows 7 Folder

Let’s add little more fun by making it easier to send files to Windows7 host from a VM.

  1. Open Windows Explorer in the VM
  2. For XP VM open folder %userprofile%\SendTo. For a Vista or Windows7 VM, in the Explorer bar type shell:SendTo
  3. In this folder create a shortcut “Windows7 Host,” pointing to “S:” drive as shown below:

Fig 2

Fig. 2. Creating a shortcut to send files from a VM to the Windows 7 host

It is that simple and now by using right click menu for any file or folder you can use “Send To” menu to easily copy files to the Windows 7 desktop (Figure 3).

Fig 3

Fig. 3. Using the right click menu to select the ‘Send To’ folder receiving the copied file from the VM

Vinod Atal


Microsoft Virtualization Team

  • About  the communication between vpc and the host i really wish i could be faster also i´d wonder why sp3 says my initial CPU host on computer properties that has 4 core and in taskmanager it only utliilzies  one of them, whould be real neat if the VPC could use multiple cores.

  • I am not very happy about the way that XP Mode shares.  I need it to integrate the program files on my C drive with the program files on its C drive seamlessly so that I can use the registration software - which instantly crashes when opened in Windows 7 - for some of my programs installed on the host system.  But I cannot acheive this end, and I do not want to install these programs on XP Mode

  • this is lousy.....expection dissapointed

  • It still amazes me that it is quicker to burn a file to a CD and read it with the reader than use the built in things to share files between a PC and a virtual PC on the same box.  Actually, it is disgustingly hard, poorly implemented, not well thought out.  Drag and drop technology is 20 years old, WTF?

  • Hi, I just copied the file from Win 7 to a XP vitual machine, by drag and drop.

    The steps are::

    In the VMware Player go to the

             Player>>Manager>>Install Vmware Tools.

    The installation will take couple of minutes, Once installed it will prompt for restart.

    After restart you can drag and drop the files from host to Virtual machine or vice versa.

  • I was looking for files from the VM (XP mode) to be accessed by the host (WIN 7) without having to actually copy them.  Is there a way?

  • hi, that was really good for my job. thanks

  • This Integration is typical Microsoft Voo Doo computer programming. My advice, folks, stop struggling and buy an Apple. I'm on my way to the Apple store. Ditch microsoft forever and be happy for a change.

  • Great with the \\tsclient tip, saved me a ton of time, and this was the first result, nicely done!

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