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This is our banner image, from Davut:


Special thanks to Ronen (Pituach) for leading our v-team! 

And thanks to all our Wiki Ninja Facebook leadership members:

  • Pituach
  • Naomi N
  • Davut Eren
  • Mehmet Parlakyigit
  • Benoit Jester
  • Saeid Hasani
  • Margriet Bruggeman
  • Ed "me" Price
  • Peter Geelen


We just surpassed 150 members! Our current goal is to get 400 members by September! 

We can do it! Go us! 


To join us, just click here:



Davut will be leading us off with some blog posts about the Facebook group, but I'm sure we'll all end up blogging and tweeting about it!

Please join in me in thanking Pituach, Davut, and all our other members for getting it going (especially thank me, because I'm really awesome)!

   - Ninja Ed