The "Football" World Cup is over!!! So now I have good memories and some other not so good... =^|

I want to share with you all my good experience at this event, in fact is a joke. 

Football World Cup Trading Cards! A child's play quickly turned viral on all Brazil cities. 

So I had the idea of ​​creating my Cards Collection, in our playfield "Tech" Game... the TechNet Wiki.

Now, we found a wonderful playfield to apply all our expertise. 

I'll select a few World Team cards to start the game. Let's see below: 

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This future is up
to you!!!!

This team recently makes a difference in the International Community. Congrats to all.

We have many other great authors on TechNet Wiki Ninjas Blog.

We will give our best in "these games", but we need more articles on Technet Guru subscribers to grow up !!!

Share your knowledge creating articles on TechNet Wiki.

This incredible "Football cards" art was made possible by my friend Turkish Wiki Ninja Davut Eren. Thanks !!!

See you soon here !

Brazilian Wiki Ninja Durval