The FIFA World Cup football is currently taking a fairly significant amount of my personal time, and so far my favourite team, the Dutch team is absolutely great. This is at the time of writing, it is very possible that by the team you read this blog post we’ve been eliminated, but I have good hopes that we’ll make it at least to the semi-final.

So, I was wondering about my Wiki World Cup team and came up with the following (unfortunately, some players had to be placed on the bench, but there’s no helping that).

Ed Price can be the coach. So Ed, the coach of the Dutch team Louis van Gaal is born in “Avenhorn” and is called the “Oracle of Avenhorn”. Where are you from, so we can decide on your nick name?


Here’s the rest of the team:

Consisting of:

Finally, but not less important, our bench players:

On to win the world cup!