Hello Wiki Ninjas,

I have news from Turkish Avengers Team.

TAT Members and MsHowto.org member Mustafa Kara –MVP will give a webinar at 12 July 2014.
The seminar will start 12:00 and it will progress all day.

What is the subject about ? 
System Center, Cloud Technologies, Sharepoint, Active Directory, Migration, Office 365 and more…
Our goal is Microsoft Technologies, where used in the field, more and more conscious of how using these products can be used to introduce and to promote the use.

I want to invite everyone the this beautiful event.. Although the content is Turkish, because many subjects will be demonstrated, will be a visual feast that can be understood in any language.
12 July 2014 at 12:00 hours this event can be found here

Turksih Wiki Ninja