Hello Community!

My name is Alan Carlos and today is day Wiki Life! I will address a topic that I find extremely important for the community : - How to Create Content/Material for the TechNet Wiki!

I know some people who have a keen interest in helping the community, creating content available, but sometimes ends up having fear of performing such activity. But I tell you that HAVE NOT AFRAID !WE NEED YOU!!

Browsing the Internet, through forums, personal blogs, pages, watch very, very good content "lost" without being in a centralized location and on the technology in question. Oh you should ask me, what is the advantage of that?

I tell you, Several!!


- Your content is read by the other members of TechNet Wiki, including myself, and corrected if it has something missing;

- Its content is made ​​available under the Microsoft Forums, helping everyone, including my own person again, where as Moderator, use such content for promotion in response to questions from the Forum;

- Your content becomes searchable, and will serve as a "manual" for your team members or others;

- Your content is categorized by theme, technology and becomes much easier to perform a search tool for TechNet Wiki;

- If your content impact the Council Technet Wiki is inserted as featured on the Technet homepage and also for Microsoft Newsletter (adding professional value to you);

- Are you still recognized with disclosure in social networks, respondent participates in the TechNet Wiki Day, you can even win prizes, that's right, prizes ! !

How to generate content:

And to create content is very, very easy indeed, see the tips below:

- Start addressing issues of how to install a product/solution;

- Discuss issues of integration between one product and another from Microsoft or Microsoft Partners;

- Generate content for how to resolve an error or situation that you explained and/or found in the Technet forum , or Microsoft partners ;

- Replicate your content Personal Blog on Technet Wiki, provided that relevant to the subject;

Some care to generate content:

The TechNet Wiki, to maintain the quality of its content, has some very important rules that you should read to help you write content. In the links below, has some " little rules of thumb":

- Tips & Tricks to Fix the Wiki Article TOC (Table of Contents)
Author: Peter Geelen - MSFT

Wiki: How to Use the Editor
Author: Eric Battalio - MSFT

Wiki: How to Write your First Article
Author: Horizon_Net

- How to Make a Great Wiki Article
Author: Eric Battalio - MSFT

Well that's it folks!

Alan Carlos
Brazilian Wiki Ninja