Hi everyone, and welcome to our "Friday - International Update" post!

Today I will focus on French wiki articles dedicated to Project Server.

How To Find French Wiki Articles ?

To view a complete list of French wiki articles related to Project Server, you can follow this link: Project Server : Guide des articles français du Wiki TechNet (fr-FR).

Who are the Contributors?

I should talk about "Contributor" instead of "Contributors", as all french articles related to Project Server have been written by Hezequias Vasconcelos!

A BIG thanks to Hezequias, without him the french community wouldn't have reached the 5th place in the last "Locale Tag Ranking"! (see Friday with International Community Update – Progress in each language (Apr. 2014))


Articles List

Here is the list of all articles in the "Project Server" category:

By the way, you can have a look at the article Guide ultime des articles français du WIKI (fr-FR) to find all French articles on the TechNet Wiki!


Benoît, The French Wiki Niinja