Welcome back for another analysis of contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week.

First up, the weekly leader board snapshot...

Sandro racing ahead this week! Some excellent work on the wiki this week, and Ed still up there with Fernando, great work guys!

Chen V topping the new articles chart this week! Nice to see.


As always, here are the results of another weekly crawl over the updated articles feed.


Ninja Award Most Revisions Award  
Who has made the most individual revisions


#1 Sandro Pereira with 161 revisions.


#2 Fernando Lugão Veltem with 89 revisions.


#3 Ed Price - MSFT with 74 revisions.


Just behind the winners but also worth a mention are:


#4 Shanky_621 with 39 revisions.


#5 Shreeharsh Ambli with 35 revisions.


#6 Markus Vilcinskas with 32 revisions.


#7 Peter Geelen - MSFT with 31 revisions.


#8 Recep YUKSEL - TAT with 29 revisions.


#9 Anthony Caragol with 28 revisions.


#10 i.biswajith with 23 revisions.



Ninja Award Most Articles Updated Award  
Who has updated the most articles


#1 Sandro Pereira with 95 articles.


#2 Fernando Lugão Veltem with 55 articles.


#3 Ed Price - MSFT with 28 articles.


Just behind the winners but also worth a mention are:


#4 Shreeharsh Ambli with 26 articles.


#5 Recep YUKSEL - TAT with 20 articles.


#6 Anthony Caragol with 20 articles.


#7 Shanky_621 with 12 articles.


#8 Durval Ramos with 9 articles.


#9 Mateusz.Dragan with 8 articles.


#10 Vee Dash CKC with 7 articles.



Ninja Award Most Updated Article Award  
Largest amount of updated content in a single article


The article to have the most change this week was New Credential Roaming, by Kurt L Hudson MSFT

This week's reviser was Kathy J A 4

The note left behind?

"This document is being updated for Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2012"

Let's hope this comes soon :D



Ninja Award Longest Article Award  
Biggest article updated this week


Ignoring the usual winners, this week's next largest document to get some attention is Programming Home Projects with Microsoft Small Basic: Chapter 6: Flash Card Math Quiz Project, by Ed Price - MSFT

This week's reviser was Ed Price - MSFT

Ed is the a true legend in Small Basic circles, and this is another example of why.

A great topic to pick for inclusion in the wiki.


Ninja Award Most Revised Article Award  
Article with the most revisions in a week


This week's most fiddled with article is PowerShell Handy Commands, by i.biswajith. It was revised 19 times last week.

This week's revisers were i.biswajith & Sandro Pereira

I just love this page so much. It's got some of the most useful commands you should know, and is always growing. Great work!


Ninja Award Most Popular Article Award  
Collaboration is the name of the game!


The article to be updated by the most people this week is TechNet Guru Contributions for May 2014, by XAML guy

Another month takes off with some amazing contributions, all deserving a medal in my mind. Keep em coming!

This week's revisers were boatseller, Shreeharsh Ambli, Shanky_621, SubramanyamRaju.B, Nonki Takahashi, XAML guy, Richard Douglas, W P Chomak & Mang Alex


The article to be updated by the second most people this week is Turkish Avengers Team Council Center, by Gokan Ozcifci

A regular winner too, with a great team of professionals. Need help? Need a problem sorted? Go see the Turkish A team! (A for Avengers)

This week's revisers were Ersin CAN - TAT, Recep YUKSEL - TAT, Mehmet PARLAKYIGIT-TAT, Ugur Demir - TAT, Yavuz Tasci -TAT & Hasan Dimdik - TAT


The article to be updated by the third most people this week is The Move to the New Azure SQL Database Tiers, by Mang Alex

Look at this amazing new arrival! Another sensational document drops on the wiki from another one of this community's finest. Thanks Mang!

This week's revisers were Sandro Pereira, Shanky_621, Mang Alex & Fernando Lugão Veltem


Ninja Award Ninja Edit Award  
A ninja needs lightning fast reactions!


Below is a list of this week's fastest ninja edits. That's an edit to an article after another person


What another busy week we've had!

Some regular awesomes and some new names too.

Thank you to everyone for your contributions, tweaks and buffs this week.

Please keep joining us for the weekly round-up, as more information should be rolling out to this blog soon.


[ps sorry to email readers if you found the final round-up section missing!]

Best regards,
Pete Laker