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Well, I hope you read the title in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger accent (at least try the accent in your head). If not, go back and re-read the title in your Arnold accent. Do it, NOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!


Anyhoo, welcome to Thursday - Council Spotlight (or something).

Today, I want to get you to help us go out and fill in these wonderful-tastic portals...

Wiki: Portal of TechNet Wiki Portals

Richard (of TechNet Wiki Community Council and MVP fame) has set up this beauty for us, so let's go help add our favorite articles to these portals!

Here are some that need it the baddest (yes, it's totally a word):


And yes, each of those portals has many articles that should go in them!

Or pick your favorite technology and make sure your favorite Wiki articles are represented:

Wiki: Portal of TechNet Wiki Portals


Learn more about the awesomeness of Portals and other Cross-Linking goodness:

Wiki: Cross-Linking

Thanks to folks like Richard, Yagmoth, and Naomi for helping build out this web of awesome!

   - Ninja Ed