Hello! Microsoft Community.

Monday, the day of our Interview Wiki Ninja.

Our interviewee today will be Rafael Zaccanini.

Author of the blog: rafaelzaccanini.net

Facebook: facebook.com/rafaelzaccanini

Twitter: @rafaelzaccanini

Site: codicon.com.br

Let's get to know him a little more.

Who are you?

My name is Rafael Zaccanini and I live in São Paulo capital. Currently I am responsible for the definition and adoption of any technology used in Codicon technology (www.codicon.com.br), as well as help in strategic planning and internal goals. I specialize in web development especially with ASP.NET platform, in addition to possessing the credentials MCP, MCTS, MCSD web developer, I am also a columnist of the magazine .Net Magazine of national Publisher DevMedia. In 2012 was part of the Group MTAC participating in the week Webcasts.

Which technologies your specialty?

I've worked in various types of projects and for various business fronts, from VB6 to ActionScript (Yes! I've worked with ActionScript also rs), however, the main technologies and platforms that I use today are: ASP.NET (MVC, WebForms and SignalR), Azure, and the tripod web (HTML, CSS and Javascript).

How were you introduced to the TechNet Wiki?

I met the TechNet Wiki via a tweet from Yuri Diogenes, an excellent professional that I follow since the beginning of my career, despite being an expert in information security. At the time the pages were still being created and there wasn't much in Portuguese.

What was your first collaboration?

I remember when I decided to contribute to the Wiki, just wanted to create a new article and could help so many people, so I created the article:

ASP.NET MVC – Autenticação básica


In which locations they contribute?

Always contributed with Brazilian communities, currently participate in the MSDN forums, update and keep the Codicon Technology blog (blog. codicon. com.br) and my personal blog (rafaelzaccanini.net). I'm always present in groups of Facebook technology, helping people with doubts of ASP.NET MVC, SignalR and web development in General. The times published articles in the magazine .Net Magazine too.

What are your major projects now?

Professionally speaking, I'm focused on the expansion of Codicon Technology, working on projects of ERP and CRM running on Microsoft's cloud platform (Azure). For the web development community, I intend to keep posting articles, videos and materials geared to the study. In addition to be planning a session of tips and tricks on the TechNet Wiki.

As the TechNet Wiki fits in your work?

As always participated in the Wiki and know the technical quality of content published, I always try to fit it as main source of information for the Codicon Technology partners and clients served. In addition to disseminate the possibility of editing and revision, I always try to focus on keeping the content at a high level and suitable for all involved.

What most interests you at TechNet Wiki?

I think the most interesting point of the Wiki is the possibility of exchanging knowledge in a broad place, favoring all participating members (author, reviewer, and reader).

What are your favorite articles on Technet Wiki?

Those who had more feedbacks believe they are the most popular, because I know you helped a lot of people, they are:

ASP.NET MVC – Criando uma aplicação MVC compatível com o Windows Azure


Iniciando com SignalR - Agora como membro do ASP.NET


Trocando mensagens e notificações entre Server/Client de forma global e individual


Who impressed him in the Community Wiki?

I think talking about development in general the TechNet Wiki has a lot to grow yet, however, I was quite impressed with the commitment and dedication for disclosure, and the "make it happen" some Brazilian authors, like Marcelo Sincic, Yuri Diogenes and Luciano Lima.

The community that you can only help so much thank you and tell you. Thank you very much!

Their commitment, will and dedication to help is of fundamental importance for all.

We are sure, that your example, motivates other employees to be part of this great team that is the Technet community.

Continue with the great collaboration.

Wiki Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos