Durval recently joined the TechNet Wiki Community Council and will help us plan out the TechNet Wiki International Summit.


What would the summit be like?

What would the topics of the sessions be?

How many days would it take place on?

In what week should it take place?

Also, Craig made some Wiki T-Shirts and flyers for SPC. If we have a few physical locations (like maybe one in Redmond, one in Brazil, and one in Turkey), we can have a few things like T-Shirts, flyers, stickers, and the TechNet Wiki magazines that Durval mentions below. Do you have any specific thoughts about swag? What should we have? How do we make it happen?


Let's brainstorm! Let's give Durval some ideas!

Here is our update (still being added to) of our different ideas of what it might be like...


From Durval's interview (Interview with a Wiki Ninja and the Translation Challenge Winner - Durval Ramos):

  • It could be an event to honor the principal authors of our TechNet Wiki and their Technologies, with these articles in a little "magazine" for all participants of the event.
  • Some authors could show in practice how they created a solution that made it possible to write a winning article on TechNet Guru.
  • Discussions with older contributors in the TechNet Wiki on the evolution of Technological solutions in collaboration with use of the Wiki (Network Articles), including a time of questions and answers ("open mic") for event participants.
  • The experience of some MVPs sharing information via TechNet Wiki.
  • The evolution of the TechNet Wiki as an alternative Solution Repository and expansion of knowledge in the Community.
  • The effect of social networks (Twitter, Facebook and others) disseminating information from TechNet Wiki.
  • Templates articles for various subjects and content (Forum solutions, settings, software development "step-by-step", etc.)



   - Ninja Ed