For February, we're spreading the TechNet Guru love...

Over to the Wiki!


This is a new category for TechNet Guru. Starting with the TechNet Guru Contributions for February.

Here you can see our articles in this new category. Currently none, but there are two weeks left!


And you can find the forum announcement and discussion here:


So what's this new category about?

Well, you can create Wiki articles about...

  1. Troubleshooting, Clarification, or Best Practices on creating articles on TechNet Wiki. A lot of articles already exist, but you never know what someone might think of! Or maybe a section of an article could be made in depth into its own article!
  2. Portals of Wiki articles. So on TechNet Wiki, we have portals. They are Wiki articles that list off other Wiki articles about a specific topic. So you can pick a new topic (a product, technology, or scenario across multiple products) You can find all our portals here: Portal of TechNet Wiki Portals
  3. Lists of Curahs that curate Wiki articles. You might need to understand what Curah is or how to create Curahs. So you can check out the Curah! Portal.


The great thing about TechNet Guru is that even though we're encouraging people to make these articles, they have to be good ones in order to get the medals! =^)


Do you have any other ideas of types of articles that could fit in this category?


Also, what about a category about TechNet and MSDN Gallery? You know, articles that tie into the Gallery.

Here are some blog posts that Craig and I wrote about how to synergize the Wiki with the Gallery:


Have a great Sunday!

   - Ninja Ed