The French Community (Benoit, Philippe, Hezequias and I) are pretty busy these weeks. Why? Because as being the French Community we are trying to get more French curations on Curah! At the end of the month each member will at least add 25 curations about his specialties.

Be prepared to get a list of all French curations in a few weeks. A special thanks to Bruno Lewin who is always helping us when it comes to the French community!

As you maybe know – or not :-) - in a few days there will be a TechDays in Paris, France. Benoit, who is originally from France and I will give several sessions about the TechNet Wikininjas to get more French contributors and authors on the Wiki.

Benoit prepared few slides and I was wondering if you could help us to provide some useful information that we could present at the TechDays?



-          Ninja Gokan