Hello and welcome everybody to our Wednesday - Wiki Life post.

Synergy has always been a hot topic for us. In the past we have discussed the synergy between our wiki and the TechNet and MSDN forums, the synergy between our wiki and our blogs, as well as the synergy with different social media channels. Today I'm happy to introduce you to a new kind of synergy, a synergy of our wiki with something outside our usual environment: CodePlex. For everybody who is not familiar with CodePlex, it is Microsoft's free open source project hosting site. Many of the famous projects of the Microsoft community are hosted on it.

But where is the synergy?

It comes with the CodePlex corner, a series of articles related to SharePoint projects hosted on CodePlex. Steven Andrews started this series at the end of last year. Today we have four articles linked to SharePoint projects on CodePlex, but I hope that with your help the amount of linked projects will increase rapidly. And wouldn't it be cool to extend this corner with articles about topics other than SharePoint?

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, BlogProfile)