Whenever I search the latest TechNet Wiki articles created about SQL Server, whatever the subject as Transact-SQL language, Reporting Services, SSIS and others...

During my reading, I found several articles about the integration of SQL Server with other Microsoft Products. Here are some good articles are related to Products: SharePoint, BizTalk Server, ASP.Net and Hyper-V.

In some cases this integration of products is necessary, but some articles show that we have good members in the TechNet Wiki Community, creating and sharing solutions that significantly increase the possibility of a Company make a good service for your customers.

Here are some very interesting articles with integration of SQL Server and other Microsoft Products:

You can find several articles integrating solutions and Microsoft Products on our TechNet Wiki. Maybe you can create a solution as this and, later create an article and share here.

A Ninja Wiki need to know several ways to have always a good performance. See you soon here !

Brazilian Wiki Ninja Durval