Hello everyone.

Today is Monday, day of interview Wiki Ninja.

The interviewed is Alan Nascimento Carlos.

He is a member of the community since the year 2008.

Author of the blog: http://qualidadeeti.wordpress.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alancarlosmct

Let's meet Alan Carlos.

Who are you, where you are and what you do?

My name is Alan do Nascimento Carlos. I'm from São Paulo live in Lages Santa Catarina in Brazil. I'm a fan of Microsoft, since when I was an Expert MSX with the Microsoft Basic system and for a long time. Work in a company software development focused on management and safety. I'm responsible for the study, training and deployment of Microsoft System Center solutions, ALM, Windows Server and communication.

What are the technologies of your specialty?

Microsoft Lync Server

System Center

Visual Studio ALM

Windows Server

As was presented to the TechNet Wiki?

I am a member of the Microsoft community since 2008. I met the Technet Wiki to do research, reference help technical problems of everyday life. I've always admired people who write articles, I really wanted to participate and didn't know how. I spoke with Fábio Hara (Microsoft Evangelist), understand the whole process of collaboration. Based on my professional experiences I have published articles to help. I found the solutions of the problems I posted resolutions.

What's your first collaboration?

My first collaboration it's about the free specializations Microsoft Virtual Academy - MVA.In article separated several courses at the MVA.This information helps in the work and studies of Microsoft certifications.

In addition to the TechNet Wiki where they contribute?

I have blog Quality and TI in the address (qualidadeeti.wordpress.com) write articles. Daily support the community in the Technet forums, trainings, Minister provide free materials on this slideshare channel (http://pt.slideshare.net/alancarlos29). I have profile and page on Facebook post important information I create and collect inherent in Microsoft products.

These are the pages:



What are your projects?

Currently, work on optimization of it services using the private and public cloud technologies. In national and international level in the area of it services I use System Center together with the Azure from Microsoft. In the area of enterprise development that involves the management of the entire lifecycle of the application I use Visual Studio ALM.

These two projects aim to serve customers in a unique way, with better performance and more refined. This allows, give more quality to the services we provide by using Microsoft technologies.

In addition, I have two more personal projects that year of 2014. My goal is to generate enough content on Technet Wiki for ALM and Lync Server. Another goal, which I intend to achieve by the year 2016 is becoming an MCSM in communication.

What makes TechNet Wiki and how it fits in your work?

The company that I work, we use it every day to support us in the resolution of technical questions. This support ranges from staff, development and even in customer support. Our internal environment and the products developed are made 100% in Microsoft environment and the Technet Wiki has a fundamental role in order to support the deployment, help in doubts among other actions.

What interests you in the TechNet Wiki?

Articles about Windows Server and the search facility.

Among the articles contributed to the Technet Wiki, which ones are your Favorites?

Federação Lync Server e Skype


Federação Lync Server e Lync Server (Outras Empresa)


These articles, helped resolve problems getting people to communicate outside the company without losing security. I believe that they will help a lot more people in this era of real-time communication worldwide.

Today, our customers use Lync x Lync and using Lync x Skype with various partners, customers and developers.

Who impressed him in the community Technet Wiki?

I admire everyone who offers her time to support others, without expecting anything in return. That's exactly what Microsoft does in the community forums, Technet Wiki, Blogs, AMM and other locations.

I had the pleasure of watching videos, reading posts of people who have demonstrated a profound technical knowledge, good didactic and were willing to give their time in this life you race to help the community. These people are Marcelo Sincic and Jordano Mazzoni, when I needed to resolve different situations in Windows Server was on the articles that I've resorted to and that always helped me.

I invite the community to say congratulations to Wiki Ninja Alan Carlos.

The Microsoft Technet and MSDN Community really appreciates your work.

Our goal of helping people who need knowledge is reflected in its actions in the face of our community. We are sure, that your example will motivate others to always do good.

Thanks for all your contributions!

Wiki Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos