Hello community Wiki Ninjas.

Say, today is Wednesday, the day for our Wiki Life .

Our focus is to prove that our life history must include collaboration with the community.

We started our first Wiki Life article of 2014.

We reaffirm our value and our history of exceeding expectations. We collaborate with the sole purpose of developing the people who use Microsoft products every day. Life does not need to be so complicated; you know why? Because our international Wiki community continually insists on making life simpler. Thanks to the people who make up our group of Wiki Ninjas; you can perform amazing things, so why not consider this collaboration as a fun amusement and not a job.

Many enjoy basketball and other physical activities, but our truth is to share knowledge. Therefore, at no time will we forget our essence, which is to collaborate and share information, because our role in helping people to use Microsoft technologies (to extract the maximum benefit to their lives) is ingrained in our DNA as Wiki Ninjas. This is how we live and how we learn and collaborate around our knowledge in Technet Wiki.

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Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos