Hello Community!  Today is Tuesday, welcome to the our TNWiki Article Spotlight.

There are times when I need a solution to a problem and before ask, usually in the Forum, I see if there is something similar to what I need in our TechNet Wiki.

The search in TechNet Wiki is efficient, but I like to look at the Portals created by Community.

In these Portals we can find interesting articles, organized for every need (installing, configuring, troubleshooting, source code, ...) which help us to know the resources and solutions that we had not explored before.

I like to share some of these Portals that helped me find several great articles:

Explore content that's of your interest. I'm sure that you will find lots of valuable information in the articles listed in these Portals.

If you have an article about subject pertaining to a these Portals, don't forget to add your link and help other members to find this content.

The Community Portals are great. See you soon here !

Brazilian Wiki Ninja Durval