Hello Community! Today is Friday with International Community Update.

After end of each year we can better analyze all the growth in our TechNet Wiki.

This growth is driven by our passion to share knowledge and help.

In the TechNet Wiki, this is most amazing, because many of us live in different countries. People that never met before help each other.

Of course, this movement got started with new TechNet members and, when they least expected it, they are contributing to the content in our TechNet Wiki.

In 2012 the Brazilian Community engaged lots of people and a huge amount of new articles in Portuguese were created. That huge impact of the Portuguese language in TechNet Wiki led to the creation of the new Brazilian TechNet Wiki

In 2013 it was not much different, but this time the big highlight was the Turkish Community. They appeared on the TechNet Wiki like a Tsunami, influencing all with their participation. Again, the TechNet Wiki decided to reward this amazing effort with a exclusive Blog: Wiki Ninja for the Turkish Community.

So when I started to write this post I was thinking. Who will be another International Community that will receive the same recognition ?

Who will be the Big International Community in 2014?

We are all together. See you soon here ! 

Brazilian Wiki Ninja Durval