Hello WikiNinjas!

First WikiNinjas eBook

The eBook written by the community for the community has been downloaded more than 500 times in only two weeks. I can confirm you that the milestone has been reached. This is a real success and without YOU we couldn’t never reach this.




Our (My) intention is to create a new era on the WIKI with eBooks, videos and much more. So contributors from all around the world can have excellent articles, eBooks and videos from all kind of writers and/or authors (Microsoft employees, MVP, MCC…).

We, the SP-Brothers (SharePoint Brothers) decided to create a new eBook called:

The Wiki Ninjas Guide to SharePoint 2013 - IDTP



You still don’t know what IDTP means? Haaaa, download the ebook to discover it.


SharePoint Brothers !?

Wait! We know the BizTalk brothers (magnificent article from Steen-Jan!) but who are these guys? Who wrote this eBook?

Most of them are WikiNinjas. All proud members of this wonderful community. All excellent workers and all proud to have a leader such Ed Price who gave them the possibility to create and publish this eBook!

We have; Valentin Lecerf, Philippe Levesque, Gokan Ozcifci, Hezequias VasconcelosEd Price and Benoit Jester


Credits: http://www.hiilkubad.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Barcelona-2013-14-kits-Thiago-Pique-Messi-Iniesta-Xavi-Puyol-1.jpg 

Call for a new SharePoint eBook!

In 3 weeks a new ebook is going to be released. This one is reserved for the Turkish Avengers Team. The name will be similar to the two other eBooks:  The WikiNinjas Turkish Guide for Infrastructure Managing! I’m already excited about the idea and want to share this great ebook that will be more than 400 pages! The main authors are, Gokan Ozcifci, Mehmet Parlakyigit, Asil Mutlu , Yavuz Taşcı, Elguc Yusifbeyli, Uğur Demir and Baris Aydogmusoglu  

After the TAT eBook a new SharePoint eBook can/will be released. Therefore I need your help and all community members are welcome! Craig Lussier, Matthew Yarlett, Luigi Bruno or other SharePoint Lovers… I’d love to work with you. If interested please send me an email (ozcifci.gokan@live.be) or drop a comment so we can finish our trilogy! 

That’s all folks! Have a great read and please avoid jokes like “Oh Gokan you are from Turkey and we will eat a Turkey in a few days” =^)

Happy SharePointing!


-        Ninja Gokan