Hello Community!
Today is Friday with International Community Update.

The end of November is as follows:

The topic of this month:

  • Overwhelming acceleration of Turkish!!
  • 176 posts are the 2nd record in history. The 1st is 179. (Portuguese, April 2012) (exclude English)
  • Continuous contribution of Azeri
  • Spanish, French,,, Is next Italian?

There will be some impacts of the "Translation Challenge 2013" next month. I'm looking forward to the results. Of course, I will also take part in that!

Error (Strange) locale tag?

Some tags which I couldn't take as the locale tag were found. I appreciate Bruno Lewin's cooperation about this information.

The error? tags are as follows:

No. Error? Tag Amount Correct? Tag
1 en-EN 1 en-US
2 en-IN 2 en-US
3 pr-BR 4 pt-BR
4 pr-BR (Portuguese Wiki) 14 pt-BR
5 en-ES 3 es-ES
6 sp-SP 1 es-ES
7 en-RU (Russian Wiki) 1 ru-RU
8 ar-AE 1 fa-IR ?
9 zh-CH (Chinese Wiki) 1 zh-CN
10 af-ZA 1 en-US

I apologize if there are some articles which don't have any wrong tag. In particular, about ar-AE and af-ZA, attention is necessary because such a locale really exists.

  • ar-AE: Arabic - United Arab Emirates
  • af-ZA: Afrikaans - South Africa

Please do carefully when you fix the tag of these articles.


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