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Welcome to the Monday interview. Today we have Tord Glad Nordahl, who is a Microsoft Integration MVP, TechNet Council Member and one of the Guardians for the BizTalk TechNet Wiki Articles. 

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He was first  Interviewed on the TechNet Wiki Blog a couple of years ago and it can be read at: Interview with a BizTalk Advisor Wiki Ninja!!! - Tord G. Nordahl

Below are some questions, which I guess most of us had(when you were new to TechNet Wiki) or have, and the insights from Tord.


Mahesh: What makes a person eligible for writing an article, for TechNet Wiki?

Tord: Hey, you don’t have to be Superman or Spiderman, you don’t have to be special. Anyone can join and anyone can contribute as long as you do some authentic good work. Start up small and get comfy and realize how valuable the TechNet Wiki is for you and the others around you. As long as you have an Idea then go for it!


Mahesh: What according to you is a good article that can complement TechNet Wiki?

Tord: If you find it useful then the community will most likely feel it the same way. So if you experienced some problems and spend hours figuring it out, share it so others can fix it faster. Try to avoid article that are not giving any valuable content, and never ever copy from someone else unless you’re allowed to! If you get comments regarding the article that as for more content, don’t take it negatively, they are just trying to enhance the article, maybe they can help contribute or maybe they are unsure of some facts. Every article on the TechNet wiki is “under constructions” at all times, meaning people can go in, update, edit or add more content to the article if they feel it’s necessary.


Mahesh: Do you use or know any tools which are useful for writing articles?

Tord: Since English isn't my first language I tend to forget some words, or I make simple grammar mistakes. I end up using different tools, but I love “Ginger It”.


Mahesh: What is the importance of stub articles?

Tord: Well, there isn’t any importance of a stub article (really). But if you start up and article and can’t finish it at that specific time, do as much as you can and add the rest of the content as fast as possible. Adding the stub tag will simply indicate that the article isn’t finished and under construction before you want to “go live”.


Mahesh: Some articles are written, or get an idea from some books and articles already on Internet, is that good?

Tord: Inspiration is good, as long as it’s not plagiarized. Keep content authentic and yours.


Mahesh: Why does adding missing tags, correcting typos and grammar really help the articles which are written by someone else?

Tord: Grammar and typos is annoying, sometimes you don’t see them yourself, helping out on and article by fixing spelling mistakes makes the article better and at the same time helps you to improve your English! J


Mahesh: When writing an article, whom you consider as the audience/reader?

Tord: I like to write article in the way I love to read them, so I keep articles in the state I like time, understand? So I have my reference to articles I like and the way they are written is the same way I want to write mine. It’s a bit different writing articles on the TechNet Wiki then my blog (I write more to my readers using “You”, and “I”) while on the TechNet I try to write my articles more general and without using “You” and “I”.


Mahesh: Any suggestions to TechNetians and BizTalkians?

Tord: Keep up the good work, remember quality over quantity! =)


Thanks Tord, for this interview and I strongly believe, that with the insight provided by you, will help lot of us.
If you have any doubts or questions then feel free to ask!!!!!!! 
-- Wiki Ninja Mahesh