I’m proud to present you the "Wiki Ninjas Guide to SharePoint 2013" eBook. This eBook is not mine. It's also not yours. But it’s from the community. You can find many articles here written by Joe Davis, Magriet Bruggeman, Craig Lussier, Thuan Soldier, me and many other SharePoint addicts!



This eBook is intended for people all around the world with the following questions: “Why should I come and contribute to the WIKI” or “Oh what kind of articles can I find on the WIKI”… In place of selecting articles on the WIKI I guess we can create a hug impact with a real eBook. Authors, guest authors and many contributors, you all can be proud about the amount of articles and your will to improve the Wiki!

Specials thanks to:

  • Joe Davis
  • Thuan Soldier
  • Magriet Bruggeman
  • Luigi Bruno
  • Craig Lussier
  • Hezequias Vasconcelos
  • Matthew Yarlett
  • Marcelo Sincic
  • Benoit Jester
  • Ed Price
  • Fernando Lugão Veltem
  • dplotnikov – mvp
  • Bjorn H Rapp

You all can download and/or share this eBook and begin evangelize the WIKI!  This is maybe an idea for Steef-Jan or Naomi to create the same for Biztalk or SQL Server! So we can have a library of Wiki eBooks.


Happy SharePointing!

-          Ninja Gokan Ozcifci