Bonjour à tous, ( means "hello everybody in French"... )

We’ve got a new winner today for the Microsoft Technical French Contributor. We aren’t so much ( 6 I guess ) on the WIKI but we all try to improve our French Community! My main focus still is the Turkish Community but I’ll  try to help Bruno Lewin and Philippe Levesque for the French Community.

You all know Benoit Jester and he made great efforts to improve the WIKI. He can be proud to be named as the last MTFC of the year 2013! Congratulations Benoit! 
He won this award thanks to his great “Site Mailboxes” series and got all the votes in our team. Well Done!


Also a big huge and thanks to all our winners of the MTFC 2013!

I cannot terminate the year 2013 without thanking Bruno Lewin and Philippe Levesque who made this Award a real success. Without them this Award couldn't be so popular!

Bruno and Philippe!

-         Ninja Gokan