Just when you thought the TechNet Wiki Community Council was out for commission, we return!!!

This is part of a series of blog posts:

  1. Enter the Council
  2. A New Hope
  3. Council Strikes Back
  4. Return of the Council (this blog post)


Here are all our members....


Microsoft Employees (5)

  1. Ed Price - Profile
  2. Peter Geelen - Profile
  3. Bruno Lewin - Profile
  4. Markus Vilcinskas - Profile
  5. Brent Groom - Profile


External (8)

  1. Peter Laker (aka XAMLguy) - Profile
  2. Margriet Bruggeman - Profile
  3. Richard Mueller - Profile
  4. Philippe Levesque - Profile
  5. Tord Nordahl - Profile
  6. Zoltán Horvath - Profile
  7. Naomi N - Profile
  8. Craig Lussier - Profile



And what are we doing? We're working on the TechNet Wiki Community Council Areas of Focus.

The basic idea is that we're pushing forward and making progress in a lot of areas. 

We've shifted a few people to different Areas of Focus...


  1. Guidelines & Best Practices - Peter Geelen (& Ed Price, Naomi N)
  2. Portal Growth - Richard Mueller (& Yagmoth)
  3. Cross-Linking Expansion - Richard Mueller (& Naomi N)
    • Richard made this article for us: Wiki: Cross-Linking
    • Naomi has been commenting to encourage more See Also sections.
  4. Feature Requests & Bugs - Ed Price (& Richard Mueller) 
  5. Spam, Plagiarism, & Article Deletion - Peter Geelen (& Naomi)
    • Peter and Naomi (and Carsten, Richard, and others supporting) have done some great work identifying and removing any plagiarized articles and spam!
  6. TechNet Wiki Featured Articles - Ed Price (& Bruno Lewin)
  7. TechNet Guru (Leveraging Forums) - Peter Laker (& Ed Price)
  8. Wiki Ninjas Blog Planning - Peter Laker (& Ed Price)
  9. TechNet Wiki Discussion Forum Community Growth - ?
  10. General Community Projects and Social Initiatives - Ed Price (& Peter Geelen)
  11. TechNet Wiki International Council - Bruno Lewin (& Ed Price, Yagmoth)
  12. TechNet Wiki Advisory Board - Tord Nordahl (& Ed Price) 
    • Our mission is to resurrect and grow the board: TechNet Wiki Advisory Board
    • Gokan was added as our newest member (for SharePoint).
    • Tord took over to help us get this going!
    • Tord is organizing a TechNet Wiki session at the November MVP Summit!
  13. Wiki Ninja Belt Rankings - Ed Price (& Margriet Bruggeman)
    • Lots of work to do to add new belt holders, to update current belt holders, and to reward them some more.
    • We'll need to look into having someone pick this back up.
  14. Collaborating with Microsoft Field Representatives - Brent Groom
    • Good progress getting this into communication processes.
  15. Leveraging User Groups - Craig Lussier (& Ed Price)


A lot of amazing things are going on, and I'm super excited to see all this progress! Let us know if you want to help with the council members with any of these individual efforts (or if you have any questions)!


   - Ninja Ed