Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor

My intention is to get a better Turkish Community and I know that I can’t achieve this alone. My dream, and also the dream of many others is to see a stronger Turkish Community.

A few days ago the “Turkish Avengers Team” (TAT) was born and we all have the same ideology! I know our volunteer army will help us to reach our (my) goal.

I want to thank them all but I have no idea how to do it. So ladies and gentlemen here is a question for all of you: “How should you thank the TAT members”?  We only know one thing and that’s the name of our Award: “Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor” Award 

Here are the propositions:

  1. A Wiki Ninja certificate like the French Community
  2. A special Blogpost about the current MTTC Awardee
  3. A MTTC Mug

Please help me to decide by giving propositions or suggestions in comments. If you have other idea’s they are absolutely welcome! 


I received a wonderful mail from Bruno who confirmed me that the Turkish Community got his own forum:

So my army; no more mail, no more chatting and no more calls! Everything should be done here to keep it alive! 


Kick Off

I also want to share with you the meeting minutes of our first virtual meeting on Skype! If anybody is interested joining us, please let me know!

  • Each Turkish Council member will work independently but will not forget that we are a team!
  • Each Turkish Council member will try to insert A MINIMUM of 2 articles a week
    • 2 articles X 6 members = 12 articles a week
    • 12 articles X 4 weeks = 48 articles per month at least
  • They do this job only for the "Community" to get a stronger "Turkish Community"
  • All Created or Translated article will be placed under:   
    • At the end of each month we can see the Most Active Turkish Contributor so he - or hopefully ever a she - can deserve the MTTC Award

TAT Members