Hello everyone, and welcome to our Monday/Tuesday interview.

This week my pleasure to introduce Gokan Ozcifci, a taxpayer on TechNet Wiki and a new SharePoint MVP.

Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

My name is Gokan Ozcifci, 26 year’s old living in Belgium, a little country somewhere in Europe.
I’ve been married for 2 years and have a little boy named Taha!

I also have a pseudonym: “The SharePoint Pirate”. Many times I’ve received the question “Why SharePoint Pirate” and not something else? I’ve never revealed this little secret but It’s time to reveal it, I guess. I use "SharePoint Pirate" because I love One Piece! (A Pirate Manga).

I work as a SharePoint Consultant and I’m responsible for the SharePoint Platforms (Intranet, Extranet, Public-Facing Websites …) for multiple corporations.

What are your big projects right now?

A few weeks ago we launched our SharePoint Public-Facing website. We created a new corporate site that won the Top SharePoint award for the month of August 2013 on TopSharePoint.com

I’m really proud of that! You can always visit our website on:

Besides your work on TechNet Wiki, where do you contribute?

I only contribute on my blog (http://gokanx.wordpress.com) and TechNet Wiki. I know by experience that Microsoft's TechNet Wiki is the most prestigious WIKI at the world. We have all kinds of MVPs, MCCs, Microsoft employees, Partners, and other Contributors; there is no place in the world that has so many varieties of contributors like the Microsoft TechNet Wiki. There is no place in the world that is so rich in knowledge!

Look to the Best Practices WIKI Pages of Magriet Bruggeman, the Biztalk articles of Steef-Jan, or the Community Leadership of Ed Price! Nobody else can be as good as them...

On what articles have you collaborated with other community members on #TNWiki? What was that experience like?

I’ve collaborated with Philippe Levesque and Bruno Lewin for the Microsoft Technical Award Program (MTFC - Microsoft Technical French Contributor). I collaborated with Ed Price and Bruno Lewin to get, as a Turkish Council Member, our own Turkish Forum for TechNet Wiki discussions! I also collaborated with Hezequias on this article: Guideultime des articles dans le WIKI (fr-FR).

With another community member, Valentin Lecerf I wrote an eBook named: Whitepaper A (p)review of SharePoint Server 2013. If you want a free copy just click the SkyDrive logo below: 

 I collaborated with Many Turkish Contributors for the TAT (Turkish Avenger Team) and MTTC (Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor) Award.. I can conclude one thing: “It’s an awesome experience and when I’ll be 65 I will say to Taha, “I was there””… :^)

What are your favorite articles you’ve contributed?

1) SharePoint 2013: Setting Up a Dev Environment - One Piece!
2) SharePoint 2013: Service Applications Guide.
3) SharePoint 2013: İyi uygulamalar (tr-TR).
4) SharePoint 2013 Serveur (fr-FR).
5) TechNet Wiki Turkish Council.

Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?

Everybody is unique with his or her own contribution on the WIKI. Everybody does excellent work, but if I had to do a “Top 5” about people who impresses me the most; it will be as following:

1) Ed Price
2) Bruno Lewin
3) Richard Mueller
4) Steef-Jan Wiggers
5) Joe Davies

You’ve done fairly well on the Wiki. Do you have any tips or recommendations about editing or authoring articles?

I don’t know if I did very well on the WIKI. I can do better, I know! I’ve so many things to do in my todo list!

There are so many great contributors on the WIKI, that when I compare myself to them I feel ridiculous. But I’ll promise to become better!

How did you become an MVP? Do you have any suggestions for other community members who hope to eventually become a MVP?

Good question but I really don’t know the answer! I can just advise you to work hard, to do your best and concentrate yourself on the community and the award will come when you least expect.

What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?

OH, what interests me? One word “Sharing”!

Sharing in multiple languages… Sharing all kind of knowledge… Sharing all kinds of technologies… sharing, Sharing and SHARING is my last message!




- Wiki Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos