It's Sunday and that means it's time for our Sunday Surprise (any random topic abut TechNet Wiki)!!!!!!


So what is our surprise? It's the Title/Question: "What is TechNet Wiki?"


Let's see what Wikipedia says about TechNet Wiki:

The TechNet Wiki Beta is a technical resource for the community. Anyone who joins the community can contribute new topics, edit and enhance existing topics, provide comments and friend other registered users. The goals of the wiki include providing broader and more in-depth solutions content (how-to, procedural, troubleshooting, deployment) from a wider variety of authors with less publishing friction than traditional mechanisms.

 Below quotes are borrowed from our Monday Interviews(The recent ones):
Here are some MVPs' thoughts:

Allan Rocha says:
The possibility to share and the entire community be allowed to contribute at the same article it’s very nice!

Sainath KEV says:
Centralized database with several distinct Infrastructure live scenarios, which implements Microsoft Infrastructure Services and provides ITPRO's with practical knowledge. It’s a superset of TechNet product documentation. TechNet Wiki Is for anyone who wish to learn about Microsoft Infrastructure products or learn on specific feature with interactive screen shots and provides great source of Information.TechNet Wiki allows Authors to write Practical scenarios and provides medium to articulate about features which helps ITPROs to implement and design Infrastructures better!.

Wiki provides various Solutions, Designs and different ways of configuring a specific technology.

Thuan Soldier:
TechNet Wiki is a great place for the community to share and discuss about various Microsoft products and technologies. Here you can write your thoughts on something then other people help you make your articles perfect to be published to readers. TechNet Wiki is growing very fast and developed perfectly by not only great team but also the involvement of lots of people. I believe it will be one of the most outstanding Microsoft wiki portals where people love to come to.
André Lage:
Sharing information is a important factor but correction and improving of Articles by other users is a plus that can turn TechNet wiki a very important tool in the support to our Solutions/Deployments.Don't be afraid to create your first article, you will get surprise with the fantastic input of some users that improves your article.

Dmitri Plotnikov:
TN Wiki is a Wikipedia for Microsoft and related technologies. So, it's great way to share content and I think it's better than existing MSDN library because of tags and related articles.

Osman Shener:
It’s a great and living technical resource for everybody, so anybody can join and help to make it bigger, better and more useful.

Jorge Barata:
I use TechNet Wiki as a knowledge base that helps me to solve technical problems, whether at work or in the classroom.

Alexander Belotserkovskiy:
TechNet Wiki is a great collaboration tool that enables many scenarios. It looks like it is a simple Wiki, but it embraces tons of developers and ITPros.

Rafael Mantovani:
TechNet Wiki is a source of information related to Microsoft Products, which can assist us quickly on a specific subject. Everyone can contribute by creating new articles, and also can edit/add information to existing articles.

Community Members (Wiki Ninjas):

Walter Teixeira:
Having a space to share ideas, present solutions and acquire knowledge, in itself justifies my satisfaction as TechNet Wiki. The Wiki provides a democratic space that allows professionals from different levels and technologies commonplace.

Danny van Dam:
The TechNet Wiki is a great place for everyone that uses Microsoft Technology to find more in-depth information and real-life experiences about Microsoft products and solutions beside the TechNet Forums and blogs.

Benoit Jester:
From my point of view, TechNet Wiki is for EVERYONE who is searching for technical information. You have so many topics and articles where you can find what you’re searching for, articles being written by skilled people. Not convinced? Go have a look! And don’t forget that you can contribute to these articles, too.

Matthew Yarlett:
it's for everyone, whether you're a contributor or consumer. It's a place where you can give and you can get. What's it for? I'm sure there's many differing opinions and answers, but for me, I think it's about sharing professional and industry knowledge and experience with a large community of people. It's about helping each other become smarter and more efficient in our chosen field of expertise.

Carmelo La Monica:
Wikis are a strong point to deepen their knowledge, as I found the content of immense value written by highly professional, qualified and experienced, I also noticed some contents taken from the experiences of users in relation to a problem on the Forum and found the solution is then written to a wiki that will be useful to all those who encounter the same problem during development.

Lex Hegt:
My activities around TechNet Wiki are, besides reading many Wiki articles and Blog posts, mainly editing Wiki articles, maintaining the few articles of my own hand and contribute to the Gallery by adding BizTalk related SQL scripts.
When it comes to editing Wiki articles, I tend to be a perfectionist. I want the articles to be good looking, with as little as possible typos, layout errors and inconsistencies of any kinds. That’s a lot of work, but by doing so, the quality and the usability of the Wiki gets better and all users benefit from it!

Sachin S:
TechNet Wiki is a well planned and methodically implemented Online Knowledge Management tool for MS Technologies. It caters to a wide spectrum of audiences, be they novices or experts in Microsoft Technologies.
The dimension and depth of information TechNet Wiki provides for me is impressive and of huge proportions. I keep coming back to TechNet Wiki to keep myself abreast of the latest and greatest in MS technologies.

Howard S. Edidin:
The Wiki is all about sharing knowledge. If you have something that would be of interest, the Wiki is a great place to share it.

Asil Mutlu:
Technet Wiki is a library open to public and content coverage is growing day by day with the help of professionals sharing their knowledge from around the world.

Naomi N:
TechNet WiKi is a great collective efforts of many talented individuals to create extensive knowledge base in all areas of IT World. TechNet WiKi is for everyone who wants to learn and share knowledge.I found that TechNet WiKi is a whole new world where you can dive very deep.

Mehmet Parlakyigit:
A Platform where we can find experts and evangelists for becomming experts.

Flavio Honda:
The TechNet Wiki is a large database containing articles from Microsoft products. The wiki helps many people, either because of a problem, question or search for new knowledge and goes far. Furthermore, people can interact, because the article is open for updates and anyone can further enrich the content of the article.

Engin Yükselen:
According to me TechNet Wiki is a better platform for sharing information and getting technical information and also TechNet Wiki is the source information pool for Microsoft Products such as Windows Server,Exchange and Everyone that is need information contribute by publishing articles or videos.
There are many more quotes, but I'm just including my favorites here.... I will probably compose a TNWiki article about it….


TechNet Wiki is all about Sharing , Sharing and Sharing !!!!!!  

If you have a strong knowledge about a particular technology, you share! 

If you are good at writing your language, you contribute by correcting grammatical and spelling mistakes!

If you are good at following guidelines, you contribute by helping make the articles look and feel like the guidelines ask us to.


TechNet Wiki is like a sea which is turning into ocean, Technologies are like rivers,Articles written by authors are like stream of knowledge.

The most important word in "wiki" is  "We(wi)," the least important word in "wiki" is "I," and together they form "WiKi" where K is C(K)onnecting We and I together - just like sharing. :)


Do you have something to share about TechNet Wiki?.... What's your thought about what TechNet Wiki is?...... Feel free to comment !!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets see if you can find the other surprise  ;-)  !!!!


-Wiki Ninja Mahesh