Hello and welcome to (y)our Sunday Lists!

I was away for a while because I became the father of a little boy named TAHA. I stopped with Blogging on my website, stopped with tweeting, stopped with blogging on Wiki Ninjas, stopped with moderating on the forums etc... But I’m back now! ^^

At a shiny Sunday I want to highlight 6 important points and share some great news! I have so many things to say that I can write still tomorrow night.

Let’s begin…



As you know, with Bruno, Ed and Philippe we launched MTFC Award for the French Contributor of the past nonths. It was not a difficult choice to nominate  “Hezequias Vascelomos” as a MTFC.

Thank you Hezequias for being involved at the French community! It’s awesome to have people like you at the WIKI! And as a reward you can find a preview of your certification. It will be send by another member or by me this night to you!




With Bruno and Ed we’ve decided that I had to focus me more on the Turkish community. Create a volunteer Turkish army and get a better and stronger Turkish Community.

After several Mail exchanges I’m proud to present you my volunteer Turkish Army who will boost the Turkish Language Ranking!

You can call us the TAT Members or better the “Turkish Avengers Team” Members



TURKISH COUNCIL: Translation Center & TechNet Wiki Turkish Council

Like the WIKI PAGE that Ed Price is asking us to fill for the Planning we (the Turkish Council) will have a similar page. We will put every new, translated or modified page here so this page will be the “first point of contact” for each new contributor. No need to search hours for a specific Turkish page if it has been translated or created, just check and find. Even if somebody wants a new translated article he can ask it just by editing the page and if there is no name; it will be translated by my army!

On the TechNet Wiki Turkish Council you can see all the persons who are on the army! If you want to join us “edit the page” and “add yourself”



Like the Microsoft technical French Contributor I want to begin a new award system for the Turkish contributors. Only thing that I know is that the award will be named “Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor" and my co-pilot will be Mehmet parlakyigit.

I will see with my army and dedicate a complete Wiki Page when finished.



2 weeks ago we made a virtual meeting with all the members of the International council and Ed Asked me to write a draft version of the next article: “criteria’s to feature a WIKI article”…  Could you please all take a look at this page and add items that you think is capital for featuring a WIKI article? http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/19945.wiki-criteria-for-featuring-technet-wiki-articles.aspx



And the last but not least one, I want to thank each WIKI NINJA who helped me to become a Microsoft MVP. With my passion, my will and your collaboration, I can say that I’ll begin a new era. I can only say one sentence: 




Gokan Ozcifci