Welcome back for another analysis of contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week.

First up, the weekly leader board snapshot...


A new personal best for Maheshkumar! Just short of a thousand revisions, as you'll see below!

Mostly language tags, but some other thoughtful work too. Great performance Maheshkumar.

Also, nice to see Ed, Naomi and Benoit all in the top five. Great work folks.

Special mention also to Benoit for topping the most articles chart for the last month!


As always, here are the results of another weekly crawl over the updated articles feed.


 Most Revisions Award  
Who has made the most individual revisions


#1 Maheshkumar S Tiwari with 957 revisions over 746 articles. Wowsers, tag tastic! A new personal best for you!


#2 Naomi  N with 182 revisions over 70 articles. Great work as always Naomi!


#3 Ed Price - MSFT with 118 revisions over 56 articles. Welcome back to the charts Ed!



 Most Articles Updated Award  
Who has updated the most articles


Same as above...


#1 Maheshkumar S Tiwari with 746 articles


#2 Naomi  N with 70 articles


#3 Ed Price - MSFT with 56 articles 


 Most Updated Article Award  
Largest amount of updated content in a single article


The article to have the most change this week was new arrival and wonderful addition to the French community pages : Team Foundation Server 2013 - Vue d'ensemble et concepts sur l'outil.(fr-FR) by Hezequias

This is a great read for Team Foundation Server 2012 fans.. Note also the tag. Thanks Hezequias.


 Longest Article Award  
Biggest article updated this week


This week's largest document to get some attention is an oldie but goodie : Available Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Plugin Messages by Jamie Miley.

It's thanks to Maheshkumar S Tiwari's obsessive tag work that he's dug this one up for attention. 

I remember this article from before, because of the cut off column. Someone really should try to fix that...


 Most Revised Article Award  
Article with the most revisions in a week


This week's most fiddled with article is another new arrival How to Rename a Windows 7 User Account and Related Profile Folder by TNJMAN.

28 revisions, mostly his own, as he buffed this to perfection, but also tweaks from Richard Mueller, Naomi  N and Maheshkumar S Tiwari  


 Smallest Significant Edit Award  
Size isn't everything! Every edit counts.


Ignoring the addition of tags, this week's smallest but most valuable tweak is to How AD RMS Works by Jim Groves.

It was by Santi Fernandez Muñoz, who realised it was missing the Other Languages section

Cross linking articles like this is very important to us, and if you spot any such missing translation likes, please be sure to add them, in the appropriately formatted way shown above.


 Most Popular Article Award  
Collaboration is the name of the game!


The article to be updated by the most people this week is for the THIRD week running, is TechNet Guru Contributions for September 2013 by me!

As the month draws to an end, we saw a rash of new contributions from NINE people

Thank you everyone for contributing some outstanding work yet again!


Another outstanding performance by ninja Maheshkumar. If you see any added value you can add to articles as you go through them that would be great too. Extra sections, suggestions for missing content, and especially "see also"s. We like to try and link everything to something if we can, so readers can browse further for related articles.




One last article I'd like to mention is Top Contributors of Week:Records.

A great collection of stats, thank you for doing this Maheshkumar, a great idea!




Yet another record number of revised articles this week!
Luckily I've had time to make some urgent adjustments to the crawler and it all worked this week!


Best regards,
Pete Laker