Let's review the new section added to TechNet Wiki:



You can find the section here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/


We added it on the right side, under the "Help & Feedback" section.


We think this is the right place to add it, but we're open to hear other opinions (leave a comment below).

The problem, obviously, is that we didn't have a good link to and from the other TechNet Wiki community engagement tools.

Should this section be in the right panel on all the TechNet Wiki article pages as well?


And what do you think of the other sections on the Home Page?

Should we trade out the Popular Topics?



Popular Topics


Here's how I'd list the popular topics/technologies on the Wiki, by tag use:

  1. Active Directory
  2. PowerShell
  3. SQL Server
  4. Hyper-V
  5. Windows 8
  6. Windows 7
  7. SharePoint
  8. System Center
  9. BizTalk

So based on this, we should replace Windows 7 with Windows 8 and add PowerShell, at least. Should we rotate some out and rotate some in?


Leave a comment with your thoughts!

   - Ninja Ed