In the TechNet Wiki International Council meeting this week, we discussed the progress of the top 10 non-English languages on TechNet Wiki...

  1. Portuguese - Represented by Luciano and Luiz
  2. Turkish - Currently by Gokan
  3. Spanish - By LeoPonti
  4. Persian/Farsi - By Patris
  5. Russian - By Dmitri and Denis
  6. Japanese - By Tomoaki
  7. Italian - By Luigi
  8. French - By Bruno and Yagmoth
  9. Indonesian - By Aris
  10. German - By Horizon Net

See the August list of all 29 languages here.


And we brought up the discussion of lists that show all the articles in the specific language.

For example, here's the list of all the Italian articles (from Luigi):

Articoli italiani su TechNet Wiki (it-IT)


And here's a list of all the French articles (mostly from Hezequias, Gokan, and Benoit):

Guide ultime des articles dans le WIKI (fr-FR)


Are there other lists like those for the other languages? If so, leave me a link in the comments, and I'll add them here!

   - Ninja Ed