The TechNet Wiki Community Council is in motion and marching forward!

This is part of a series:

  1. Enter the Council
  2. A New Hope (this blog post)
  3. Council Strikes Back
  4. Return of the Council 


We especially want to welcome new members (since "Enter the Council"):

  • Brent Groom
  • Yagmoth (Philippe)
  • Tord Nordahl
  • Zoltán Horvath
  • Naomi N

We've shifted a few people to other groups as we spawn up two new groups, the TechNet Wiki Advisory Group (this is more of a re-launch than "new"; MVPs who will give an advisory role and will moderate content across their areas) and the TechNet Wiki International Council (community language leaders who will help grow their language communities). So we've got some new members!

Microsoft Employees (5)


External (7)


And what are we doing? We're working on the TechNet Wiki Community Council Areas of Focus.

The basic idea is that we're pushing forward and making progress in a lot of areas. 

I want to brag about (announce) the great things we have going in some of the areas...

  1. Guidelines & Best Practices
  2. Portal Growth - Yagmoth
    • Wiki: Technologies Portal - Yagmoth added a lot of technologies that were missing. And his flurry of activity on this page has reminded a lot of people that it's there! The result was 31 edits in July. Awesome! 
  3. Cross-Linking Expansion - Richard Mueller
    • Richard is planning on this one. The basic idea is to add more in-line, embedded linking in the first paragraph of the articles (linking back to parent articles) and to add more links to Wiki articles in See Also sections.
  4. Feature Requests & Bugs - Ed Price (& Richard Mueller) 
  5. Spam, Plagiarism, & Article Deletion - Peter Geelen (& Naomi)
    • Naomi and Richard helped find a lot of spam.
    • Naomi and Carsten have been identifying any plagiarism.
  6. TechNet Wiki Featured Articles - Ed Price (& Yagmoth)
    • Ed created this framework: TechNet Wiki: Featured Article Teams
    • The Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese Wikis were updated with new Featured Articles
    • The English Wiki has mostly been updating with the TechNet Guru winners.
    • Next: Another round on the non-English Wikis 
  7. TechNet Guru (Leveraging Forums) - Peter Laker (& Ed Price)
  8. Wiki Ninjas Blog Planning
    • The bloggers are scheduled, and new bloggers have been added since May (after "Enter the Council"): Patris, Santosh, LeoPonti, & Brent Groom
  9. TechNet Wiki Discussion Forum Community Growth
    • Nobody is focusing on this right now.
  10. General Community Projects and Social Initiatives 
    • Nobody is focusing on this right now.
  11. TechNet Wiki International Council - Bruno Lewin (& Ed Price, Yagmoth)
  12. TechNet Wiki Advisory Board - Ed Price (& Monica Rush) 
    • Mission - To resurrect and grow the board: TechNet Wiki Advisory Board
    • This was re-launched.
    • We finished some communication tools.
    • Next step: More onboarding in the communication tools. Then a meeting.
  13. Wiki Ninja Belt Rankings - Ed Price (& Margriet Bruggeman)
    • We've adding people! We're finishing up adding the Interviewed Wiki Ninjas! Then we'll go through the Top Contributors!
    • The White Belt rewards have been staying up to date.
    • The Yellow Belt rewards (tweets to profiles) have started.
  14. Collaborating with Microsoft Field Representatives - Brent Groom
    • Working on a plan to leverage their content and customer interactions on TechNet Wiki.


So there you are! A lot of amazing things are going on! Let us know if you want to help with the council members with any of these individual efforts (or if you have any questions)!


   - Ninja Ed