Today my feeling and emotion is to see the TechNet Wiki is get very big, I'm very happy to see the greatness that TechNet Wiki has turned into, which is a reference to Microsoft articles. I see everyone involved in building community in helping the TechNet Wiki .

We worked for a long time, all helped, Ed, Yuri, Luciano, among many other community members ...

In addition, I gained a lot of experience with the TechNet Wiki project. I think it was also very good for everyone.

The Wiki is a valuable tool; it helps in many cases everyday.

So in this post, we'll talk about 3 Tips to improve your articles on the wiki.

1 - if you use a lot of acronyms and technical terms in the article, a Glossary is a good way to put all the terms in one centralized Wiki article.

2 - Keep an active file with notes, resources and links to media files on the Wiki or external sites; I find these very helpful.

3 - Put your solutions in a Wiki that help with problem solving your technology; it is very necessary. We need to include more articles about troubleshooting the various product scenarios.


A hug to everyone and see you next week.

Luiz Henrique Lima Campos
Moderador no Microsoft Answers e TechNet Forums e Membro do TechNet Wiki Community Council
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